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Oil Research and Commentary

Europe and The Current Downward Pressure on Oil Prices

Although the traditional trend in world oil prices has been up, the current economic problems confronting Europe … [Read More...]

Iraq to Become Largest Source of New oil Exports in Coming Years

Nine years after the United States sent troops into Iraq, Iraqi officials predicted this week that the country … [Read More...]

Obama wants to reduce Oil Trading Speculation

President Obama has recently criticized speculators and market manipulators for their over-influence in oil futures … [Read More...]

Oil spill threatens Brazil’s Oil Boom

In November, 2011, Chevron oil engineers drilling a test well off the coast of Rio de Janeiro miscalculated the oil … [Read More...]

Canada Looks to Boost Oil and Gas Trade Agreements with Asia

With crude oil and gas exports to the United States contributing $80 billion annually to the economy, the Canadian … [Read More...]

Oil Prices Drift Lower on Possibility of Slower Growth from China

The Chinese economic growth rate is at its weakest pace in over two years, the effect of the slowing of demand for … [Read More...]

Saudi Arabia Builds New Refinery and Strengthens Ties to China

A joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Sinopec Group intends to build a 55.6 million square foot oil refinery … [Read More...]